UHL’s 25th: Part 2

Written by Claire Pfann

September 20, 2012

Once faculty and graduates had robed themselves in first-century style clothing, everyone headed to the synagogue for the commencement ceremony itself.

Like the synagogues of the first century, its high ceiling is supported and lit by the traditional clerestory structure above, and its interior is plain, white-plastered on walls and floor, and blessedly cool on a hot June day. Benches built into the walls on three sides of the building enabled the participants to face one another, enhancing the community feel of the commencement celebration.


This year’s commencement ceremony marked not only UHL’s 25th year, but also the first Master of Divinity to be conferred at the University of the Holy Land. Ordination of UHL graduates can now be carried out under the auspices of the Korean Association of Independent Churches and Missions.

Also conferred at this ceremony were six Master of Arts degrees, and one Master of Theological Studies.


Next: a Biblical-style meal.

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