Round 2: Lost Tomb long version

Written by Michael Moore

February 26, 2017

Once again and more?


Just in case the public hasn’t had enough, the full version of the Lost Tomb of Jesus will be aired in North America in the last week of May. This will be 40 minutes longer than that already shown two months ago.

Here in Jerusalem we have seen the long version twice on channel 8. The first time it aired was a few days after the short version was aired in North America. (This version was also the uncensored form which had such clips as Jesus lying together with Mariamne, Mariamne fully pregnant and the couple with child.) The second time it was aired was on Holy Saturday Evening. (A very insensitive action on the part of the television station).

The Discovery Channel intends to add a 30 minute mini-feature tentatively entitled “The World Reacts” interviewing scholars here in Jerusalem and in North America. This was intended to give the scholars a chance to freely react to the film. This task was assigned to a competent outside producer. It sounded at first like a good opportunity for the original scientists, such as Dr. Feuerverger (statistics) and Dr. Matheson (DNA), who had been filmed with very supportive quotes (due to certain assumptions that were provided to them by the filmmakers) to clarify their positions. However that doesn’t seem to be in the books unless the agenda changes. In fact the latest is, Simcha Jacobovici and James Tabor have gained a place on the roster to react to the scholars off line (on top of the two hours that they had in the feature already). How does that sound to you? (Wouldn’t we feel a little uneasy to participate in such a program if these two had the last word?)

The Discovery Channel proposed this with the hopes of providing a balance to the assertions advanced in the film.

What would you like to see? Write to the Discovery Channel, encourage them, and let them know what you as a viewer would really like to see.

On the Discovery web site:

“For suggestions regarding programming and all other TV questions, contact Viewer Relations


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