The University of the Holy Land provides its students and faculty with unparralleled access to a variety of academic resources. UHL has also made a large portion of these resources freely available online which visitors of the website are invited to pureuse and make use of for their academic and/or personal enrichments.


The UHL library houses more than 4,200 volumes in the fields of Biblical studies, comparative religions, language, natural history and Biblical archaeology.

It houses The Dead Sea Scrolls Microfiche Edition and the complete editio princeps of the Dead Sea Scrolls. In addition, UHL offers access to the research and library facilities at both the British and German Schools of Archaeology, the École Biblique, Hebrew University, the Pontifical Biblical Institute, the Ecumenical Institute for the Advancement of Theological Studies (Tantur), and the Caspari Center.

The excellent manuscript collection on microfilm at the National Library is also available to our students. Tantur has the largest theological library in the Middle East and the Ecole Biblique has the finest biblical and archaeological library in the Middle East.

The UHL library is a non-lending library specializing in Biblical studies. Students’ use of the library is attained by appointment with the school office and by signing in at the main office desk upon arrival. The consumption of food and drink are prohibited in the library.


Mount Zion Excavation and Stone Cup:

Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls:

Biblical Interpretation and Literature of Late Antiquity:

Calenders during the Second Temple Period:

Talpiot Tomb:

Nazareth Village Farm: