Over the last 30 years, The University of the Holy Land has developed into a rich learning environment with the ever sturdy and necessary foundation of academic excellence. Ahead lies a future of promise. As we go forward into the next 30 years, committed to preserving and expanding the outstanding programs of UHL, we realize that we must also ensure the long-term future of UHL in Jerusalem. This vision will be realized through the partnership of friends and supporters with our faculty and students, like you!

The generous gifts of the Friends of the University of the Holy Land will help realize this vision on three fronts.


Tuition costs will remain competitive and scholarships will be made available to qualified students from around the world.


Endowments will be created to maintain stability of key faculty regardless of the political and financial situation on the world scene.


A permanent campus home for UHL, including classrooms, library, offices and living quarters will be established on Mt. Scopus, anchoring UHL’s presence in Jerusalem.

The Friends of the University of the Holy Land (FUHL) is composed of international supporters, alumni and sponsors who wish to be allied with the developments currently taking place at the University.

The organization welcomes membership applications from corporations and individuals wishing to become associated with the exciting research and projects of UHL. To join, please send an email to the University of the Holy Land at the following address: [email protected]


Studying at the University of Holy Land was a great privilege and is one of the major highlights of my life up to this point. The caliber of professors and classes offered at UHL are rich and superior to other experiences in my academic career. I am now better equipped to teach the Word of God and able to bring the stories and lessons of the Bible to life for others by incorporating the the Jewish and general backgrounds contexts the Bible was originally written within.

Dorie Demicell

Office Administrator & Bible Study Leader - Belle Haven, Virginia

The University of the Holy Land is the best school to study the Bible in Israel. Israel is also the best place to dive into God’s word. No other place on earth gives you the richness and depth of experience that Israel does. The land breathes God’s story, and UHL professors offer insight into every piece of the drama. I would recommend studying with UHL in Israel to anyone. It greatly enriched my life and the life of my family.

Jose Diaz

Teacher - Columbia

I graduated from UHL in 2011 with an MA in Intercultural Studies. During my time as a student, I was able to study the languages and cultures of the Bible in the land of the Bible. What a privilege to sit under Bible scholars and professors who make the Bible come alive and where our classroom was more than just the four walls in a university building, but often the rocks and hills where the Biblical events took place. The tools and skills that I received from UHL have served me well in ministry since my graduation.

David A. Spice

Clergy - Painesville, Ohio

I spent 5 semesters studying at UHL between 2012 and 2014, and the class subjects, the depth of coverage of each subject, the quality of the teaching, and the classroom interaction was outstanding. I anticipated receiving a greater understanding of the Bible from the Jewish perspective, a broad understanding of Judaism itself, the cultural issues facing the emerging New Testament church, a deeper understanding of the Middle East conflict now and in the past, and the historical and archaeological background for many of the events of the Bible and the sites that are still visible in Israel itself. I was definitely not disappointed. Much of what I learned has been useful in providing context and perspective to believers I encounter, and in sermons and Bible studies I teach. My time at UHL was certainly a blessing to me, and I encourage anyone and everyone who can, to undertake study in Jerusalem with UHL.

Terry Grow

Aeronautical Engineer & Christian Minister - Seattle, Washington

Your gift will provide scholarships for students who can not normally attend Graduate School and / or Study Abroad opportunities, PLUS help UHL find a home on Mount Scopus!

Tax-deductible contributions should be made out to “FUHL” (Friends of the University of the Holy Land), and mailed to: University of the Holy Land, 
POB 24084, Jerusalem 91240, Israel

EIN Number: 83-1470601