New Manuscripts from Qumran or other Sources I

Written by Michael Moore

February 26, 2017

At the recent IOQS meetings not one but two sessions were devoted to the revelation of new fragments of manuscripts from Qumran and the vicinity which neither the scholars nor the public have ever seen before.

The first was that of Professor James Charlesworth which was presented on July 17th at the beginning of the afternoon session, section A, chaired by Dr. Annette Steudel.

Tuesday 17 July

Chair: Annette Steudel

14.30 James H. Charlesworth, Prolegomenous Reflections on an Unknown Copy of Genesis Perhaps from Qumran

The following content was published in the abstracts of the congress.

James H. Charlesworth, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA

Prolegomenous Reflections on an Unknown Copy of Genesis Perhaps from Qumran

Over 35 manuscripts ostensibly from the Qumran Caves are known to exist. Images of each of these have been stored and will be published as soon as the owners allow me to do so. Now, I can announce the existence of a copy of Genesis. Its date and importance will be shared. An image and the transcription will be shown.

Tuesday 17 July 14.30, Room 1

This session was highly publicised and attended especially since it promised to reveal a fragment of the book of Genesis that had not been seen before.

The following web publications are available online:

Genesis Text Unveiled

New Genesis Text from the Judaean Desert

More will be added to this story in a later blog.

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