In Israel, hospital bills must be paid in full before the patient is discharged. As a result, UHL policy requires proof of current health/medical insurance for the student and all family members for the duration of the visa. Failure to provide insurance will result in the loss of the visa.


Israeli Insurance Providers. UHL highly recommends purchasing insurance from an Israeli insurance provider for the following reasons:

  • Claims and services are handled much more efficiently if they are carried out by a local provider who will act as an advocate.
  • UHL has a special arrangement with Harel Insurance for students and their family.
  • Students and family members don’t have to pay money out of pocket upfront in the case of an emergency or medical visit.

Application forms are available at the UHL office or by contacting Harel directly.

Foreign Insurance Providers. While insurance may be provided by a foreign carrier, students should keep in mind that they will have to pay all medicals bills upfront before leaving the clinic or hospital and be reimbursed by the insurance provider at a later date.