Historically Documented Sabbatical Years

Written by Michael Moore

April 12, 2008

Historically Documented Sabbatical Years

702/1 BCE 2 Kgs 19:29//Isa 37:30 Assyrian siege of Jerusalem during Sabbatical Year

457/456 Neh. 10:32(31) Nehemiah’s reading of the Law

331/330 Josephus AJ 11:347 Alexander the Great exempts Jews on Sabbatical Year

163/162 I Macc. 6:49, 53 Judas Maccabeus defeated due to Sabbatical Year

135/134 Josephus AJ 13:234 Seleucid siege of Jerusalem during Sabbatical Year

37/6 Josephus AJ 14:475 Herod’s siege of Jerusalem during Sabbatical Year

41/2 CE mSotah 7:8 Agrippa I recites Deut 7:15 after Sabbatical Year

55/6 Mur 18 personal document citing the Sabbatical Year

69/70 Seder Olam Rabbah 30 Year before the Temple’s destruction was Sabbatical Year

132/3 Mur 24 Land Leases during Sabbatical Year

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