A gentleman and a scholar from Argentina

Written by Michael Moore

February 26, 2017

Un caballero y un erudito de la Argentina

Un número de visitantes han venido a uhl.ac de la Argentina durante semanas recientes. En tu honor deseé introducir a otro erudito que llegó la lectura de MARIAME KAI MARA independientemente. Hay ocasionalmente los individuos que aventuran adentro de exterior su propia área de expertese, que capacidad sin embargo extiende bien más allá de esa área. Está tan con profesor Fernando Saravi de la Universidad de Cuyo. Espero que su email abajo sea una inspiración a otras que estén demostrando un interés duradero en nuestro trabajo.

Felicitaciones a ti, profesor Saravi.

A number of visitors have come to our site from Argentina during recent weeks. For your sakes I wanted to introduce another scholar who arrived at the MARIA KAI MARA reading independently.

At times there are individuals who venture in from outside their own field of expertise, whose competence nevertheless extends well beyond that field. So it is with Prof. Fernando Saravi of the University of Cuyo. I hope that his letter below will be an inspiration to others who are showing an abiding interest in our work.

Congratulations to you, Professor Saravi.

Prof. Stephen Pfann

Sent: Friday, March 16, 2007 1:28 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: Mariame kai Mara (Dr Pfann)

Dear Dr. Pfann,

This is to thank you for your fine article “Mary Magdalene is now


Although I am not an expert in epigraphy, last week, as I was reading

Jacobovici’s book (Jesus family tomb) I found a plate with a good

picture of the IA 80-500 (Rahmani’s 701) and after watching it carefully

with a magnifying glass I realized that it read “mariame kai mara”.

I found it incredible that no one else have noticed this!

Then I was comforted by the news that Prof. Emile Puech, of the Ecole

Biblique et Archaeologique, interpreted the words in the same way. At

least I wasn´t alone…

Early today I came through your article, with its careful explanations,

pictures and examples. It really made my day!

God bless you! Best regards from Mendoza, Argentina.

Fernando D. Saravi

Prof. Fernando D. Saravi, BD, MD, PhD, CCD

Department of Morphology and Physiology

Faculty of Medical Sciences

National University of Cuyo

Mendoza MZ 5500 Argentina

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