A Change of Hand (updated)

Written by Michael Moore

February 26, 2017

Two Scribal Hands

Mariame and Mara


Documentary vs Cursive Greek Script under the microscope

Squared or triangular letter forms vs looped or looping letter forms

2 to 4 stroke letter forms vs 1 to 2 stroke letter forms

The Letter Mu

mariame-mw.jpg mara-mw.jpg

four strokes . . . two strokes (?)

The letter Alpha

mariame-aw.jpg mara-aw.jpg

two strokes . . . one stroke (?)

Note the relative widths of the double grooved cut in the upper diagonal strokes. As elsewhere, the tip of tool of the first hand is not more than 85% of the width of the second hand.

The Letter Rho

mariame-rw.jpg mara-rw.jpg

two strokes = two strokes (but different style)

The Letter Iota

mariame-i.jpg kai-mara-iw.jpg

one stroke = one stroke (but deeper tool)

(This is a V-shaped groove that is made by leaning the tool to the right and using one of the tines of the forked tip to cut deeply into the surface. Note the secondary groove along the edge of each incision, near the upper surface. The comparative widths of the secondary groove represents the relative lengths of the left tine of the bifurcated tip of each tool.)

The Letter Alpha (second occurrence)

mariame-a2w.jpg mara-a2w.jpg

two strokes . . . one stroke (?)

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