Spring Application Deadline: January 1

Fall Application Deadline: June 1

UHL approaches the admission process with the utmost respect for prospective students, through prayer, honor and sincere dedication we select our seats with the best candidates. Our unique education experience is highly selective. As a serious student of the Bible with a desire for an education which will rise to your standards and set you apart, we would relish the opportunity to speak with you.



Application Process
1. Applicant submits complete application before the deadline. This includes:

a. Online form
b. Non-refundable application fee
c. Original transcripts sent DIRECTLY from the school(s). (See more about transcripts)
d. Reference letters
e. Medical Exam

2. The Academic Committee considers the application.
3. The UHL office contacts the applicant to communicate the decision either way.

If accepted…
4. New student pays one full year of tuition and fees. (See rates.)
5. Visa request process begins. (Information and guidance provided by UHL’s Visa Admin.)

Important Information

  • The entire process takes time. Please know there will be periods of waiting.
  • Submitting an application does not equate an automatic acceptance to the university.
  • NOTE for all applicants and new students, DO NOT purchase airline tickets until the visa request is approved. UHL does not control the visa process timeline nor the Ministry of Interior’s decision. Purchasing tickets too soon can result in loss of the money and tickets.
  • If the Ministry of Interior denies the visa request, tuition and fees will be refunded.
  • DO NOT COME to Israel during the visa process. It stops the process and puts the visa request at risk.