By the time a student completes their course of study and obtains a degree from UHL, they are an expert in their chosen field. As such, they have the tools needed to tackle their chosen career, be it teaching, ministry, writing, or research with adroitness, and achieve success in the world for which they have been prepared. But a UHL education is also about so much more! Each course of study is meant to solidify a student’s faith, add context to their knowledge, and prepare them to take the experience home with them to share with others and cherish for all time.

Though each degree program is certain to provide those elements, you will find there is a specific program and area of focus to help you become an expert in your particular niche of study.


UHL approaches the admission process with the utmost respect for prospective students, through prayer, honor and sincere dedication we select our seats with the best candidates. Our unique education experience is highly selective. As a serious student of the Bible with a desire for an education which will rise to your standards and set you apart, we would relish the opportunity to speak with you.

The following fields of concentration are offered:

  • MA in Archaeology
  • MA in Intertestamental History and Literature
  • MA in New Testament and Early Christianity
  • MA in Classical Hebrew
  • MA in Old Testament and Culture of Ancient Israel
  • MA in Intercultural Studies
  • MA in Intercultural Studies with a focus in Bible Translation


The Master of Theological Studies program offers students an opportunity to combine study in the Holy Land with cross cultural ministry and experience in Jewish, Christian, or Arab sectors of society. The Theological Studies student is required to commit 1/4 of his or her program to volunteer service, with possibilities for service including assisting in a home for the elderly, a kindergarten, an orphanage, a local Israeli congregation, or providing support to new immigrants.


The Master of Divinity degree program provides a comprehensive spectrum of theological study, covering a wide range of general and specialized subjects at a graduate level. Students who obtain the M.Div. degree will be prepared for full-time pastoral ministry, having been uniquely placed at the meeting point of the theoretical study of religion and scripture, and the practical experience of ministry in living communities.


UHL’s PhD Research Program is dedicated to providing an elite doctoral education to those select individuals who exhibit a deep commitment to attaining a PhD, and are prepared to undertake the rigorous dedication to the requisite course of action. A considerable portion of the PhD Research Program consists of the doctoral dissertation, a research work which makes an original and significant contribution to the advancement of the doctoral student’s selected area of concentration, and is produced in accordance with the rules of structure, terminology and style typically expected by institutions for higher learning. Standards for the PhD Research Program at UHL are set, monitored and maintained by the Authority for Doctoral Students.
Though the majority of students who study at the University of the Holy Land attend in pursuit of a graduate or doctoral degree, an abundance of opportunity exists for qualified undergraduates, those pursuing Continuing Education, and others to benefit from all UHL has to offer.


Motivated, passionate undergraduates who are capable of fully participating in graduate-level courses are encouraged to spend either a semester or their entire junior year abroad in the Holy Land, studying with UHL. Course selection, research reports, and examinations are customized to the student’s level, based upon consultations with the Academic Dean and the student’s home college or university.


Driven candidates who desire to study in the land of the Bible, and who have completed at minimum a high school education, are encouraged to consult with the Academic Dean to determine which of UHL’s academic course offerings are best suited for their personal aspirations. Whether for personal fulfillment or the advancement of ministry, the CE program is an opportunity unlike any other. Students who study for one year and complete minimum credit requirements are eligible to receive a Certificate in Biblical Studies.


With more than 15 countries worldwide represented throughout the student body, UHL has the unique opportunity to help non-English speaking individuals achieve a level of competence which will benefit their pursuit of higher learning. The PREP program is designed to provide an environment in which English language skills are advanced to a level commensurate with graduate studies, thereby accommodating students as they progress from the PREP Program to a degree program.


Sabbatical scholars are welcome to spend a semester or a year studying in the Holy Land. Said sabbatical scholars may have the opportunity to lecture on occasion, or even teach a full course. In addition, opportunities abound for scholars to become a member of the UHL community, thereby becoming a member of Jerusalem’s academic community.


UHL is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism as an academic institution authorized to conduct intensive, short-term field-study programs. Study tours are available in one-, two-, or three-week options, and students are eligible for academic credit. Current itineraries are here.


Land, Nature, and Society in Biblical Times

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Societies that Produced Them

Jewish-Christian Relations

Survey of the Torah: The Five Books of Moses

Acts of the Apostles

Early Church History and theology

Archaeology of Jerusalem

Daily Life in Ancient Times

Biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic

And more

*Note: all degrees accredited by Asia Theological Association