60th Anniversary Celebration of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Webcast

Written by Claire Pfann

July 6, 2008

A conference to commemorate 60th anniversary of the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls begins today at the Shrine of the Book called The Dead Sea Scrolls and Contemporary Culture, Celebrating 60 Years of Discovery.

The following is an abstract from the conference web page :

This conference follows up on the 1997 congress held in memory of Joy Gottesman Ungerleider, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the scrolls’ discovery, but with a different emphasis. This time, our aim is to reflect on the progress made in the last ten years and to articulate our hopes for the future of Qumran studies.

The conference program will update us on the most recent developments in scholarly opinion, as we seek to reconceptualize and recontextualize the scrolls in today’s world. We will then be ready to address such questions as: how does the public learn about the scrolls; how can we dispel myths and inaccuracies; and how might knowledge of the scrolls be incorporated in related academic research and in educational settings? How should Dead Sea Scroll scholars present their subject, which embraces the study of ancient civilizations, the phenomenology of religion, and the history of both Judaism and Christianity, and is of contemporary relevance and interest to schoolchildren, university students, and the public at large?

The conference offers a live webcast at the following web address:


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